Changing project from list view to board view

I don’t know why Asana team is ignoring this feature request for so long. It’s a basic feature.

Really? not a solution? -_-

HI @Michael_Yang and @leon2,

We’re actively working on implementing this feature, and we’re planning to launch very soon!

Keep an eye on #community-forum-announcements for the latest news!


I would love to use this option very soon, too. Preferably the other way around: from board to list view - or even toggle between the two?

Hi @Katja_Armknecht and welcome to the Forum!

Once we roll this feature out, you will be able to switch both ways, from List to Boards and from Boards to List :slight_smile:


Hi Marie! How are you?

Do you have an ETA on the release of this new feature? I know it’s gotten a lot of attention and conversations going back 1+ years.


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I don’t have a precise date to share just yet, but we’ve never been that close! Keep an eye on the #community-forum-announcements category to be sure bot to miss this update :slight_smile:

Do you have an update on switching views between lists and board?

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Yep, see this post:

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same question!

Closing this thread since changing from list view to board view is now available for every project in Asana! :raised_hands:t5:

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