Changing project from list view to board view



So I really like the board view for some uses, but I would like to get a list view of all the tasks in that same project. List view has advantages such as columns for custom fields, multi-select(is there a way to do multi-select in board view), others…

I tried to figure out making a search that simply lists the tasks in a project, no dice. I have to specify a keyword to search on. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Changing existing project from list view to board view
Toggle between list and board?
How to switch from list view to board view?
Switching existing project from list view to board view

I am aware I can create a new (List) project and add all those tasks to it, but wondering if there is a simpler way(since I can’t figure out how to multi-select in board view)


Hi @Ralph_Edge. A workaround for this, so to speak, would be to do an advanced search that shows you all the tasks in your Boards-formatted project. It sounds like you might have tried to do this, but let’s try it again.

I saw a list view of the tasks in my boards project by taking the following steps. When you do the advanced search, as always, you can search by custom field, etc.

If the below photos don’t suffice, then you may also want to add these board tasks to a list project, as well. You could title one “TITLE (Board)” and the other “TITLE (List)”. This way you can navigate between the boards version and the list version while keeping all the tasks the same and updated in real-time. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions!


I think @Alexis’s solution is the best (although I’m not sure that will display all the custom fields exactly the way you want?). I’ll also add that Asana has said they will allow the ability to switch between layouts in the future! Looking forward to that.


I’m trying to move us over to Asana from Trello. I see a LOT of benefit with Asana and I’m glad to see the board view was recently added. That said I think the best would be if a Project could have both a List and Board view.

What I’ve found useful is to use the Boards view to keep Information/Reseearch like a note cards. And use List for Tasks or Non-Task Lists.

I think @Alexis suggestion works but I hate we have to duplicate a project name. Good work around for now but I hope we see Boards and Lists available within a single project with some meta linking between them to move between info note cards on the board and related Tasks on the list view.


Thanks for that feedback, @Brian_Boatright. I understand what you’re saying about having to duplicate a project name and add (board) or (list) to the end. I suppose it can feel a bit tedious. Viewing a board as a list is something our team is planning for down the road, so you can feel hope in that. :slight_smile: In the meantime, let us know if you think of any better workarounds and we’ll be eager to try them out!


Would be a great feature to be able to switch between both views without having to do search etc. I know the work around is not hard, but when you’re running hard the idea of doing something that feels like writing code is enough for me not to attempt it. For someone who’s running hard I almost want to hire someone to do this for me. Would be a great standard feature if Asana is serious about boards.


I love the board view, but it feels like it’s missing a few things - as mentioned above, it would be great to be able to switch between the two views; to be able to multi-select. Also it might just be me, but I can’t see how I can mark a task as ‘done’ without actually opening it?


Thanks for your feedback, @Luca_Simon! You’re correct that we cannot yet mark a Board card complete without opening the card and we’re also not yet able to toggle between list and Board view yet. Board is still very early so it’s helpful for us to hear this feedback to learn what you’re looking for. We appreciate your input. Thanks!


Thanks, @Alexis :slight_smile: looking forward to the new developments!


I’d also love to see this feature added (check an item from the card). The cards open slowly, so it’s a bit tedious to check several items at a time.


Ralph, I think here is your answer (if it’s not late :slight_smile:


Is there a way to change an existing project from list format to board format?


Hi @Jennifer_Hendrickson;

Not at this time (see Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)). You can vote for the feature to help Asana Team to priorize it).


Thank you.



No, but the workaround is just to create a list project and then multi-home the board tasks in there. There’s no way to flip the same project though =( sorry!


Hi - What does multi-home mean?


@Trevor_z_Hallstein Multi home is another way to say “tether” — in other words, add a task to multiple projects.


Where can you vote? Please post a link.


@John_Hung in Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa) (which is now closed)

I’m surprised you need to ask what problem it solves after 100’s of requests for this - even before you closed off the other topic.

Boards are good as a manager for seeing whats happening - reallocating tasks to different parts of workflow etc. BUT …. With all the missing features, its unusable if that’s the only way to view a project

In practice Boards are never usable because at some point you might need something from the List functionality and at this point you are s****d - have to do massive reorganization to switch and reassign columns to lists etc. I have one project for example where I mistakingly hit board, and now its going to be a pain to switch back.

When I share a board, for some people List is more appropriate, for others Board - depends on how they think and their relationship to a project, e.g. as a manager I might want to see the workflow, while someone working on it wants all the details in List that are Missing features in Board.

Missing and needed from Board … seeing which other projects a task is in (crucial as projects are often sorted into one project on a per-client basis, and another on a team basis and third on what kind of work it is, or some kind of Sprint that goes across projects.

Boards are much slower when you need to click into the details of projects, or see Subtasks.

That’s just a few missing things from Boards , @Eric_Ang_Ze_Cheng listed some other details that are important and missing NONE of which would be a big issue IF I could switch back and forth between two different views on the same project.

As it is, I would suggest a big dialog box when anyone chooses BOARD - “Are you sure you want to use Boards, its crippled. And you can’t change your mind later”