Changing project from list view to board view

I’m not even asking for an in-project toggle. Is there a way to permanently transfer a project from list view to board view?

Otherwise, we’re going to need to actually delete the entire project and completely recreate it in board view?

(the workarounds are fine for organizations that can have multiple projects, but we can only have one)

Hi @Olivia_Fox_Cabane; yes you can convert a project from List to Board following these steps. Once you followed these steps, simply multi-select all tasks from this project and remove them from the List project, this way you will be left with all your initial tasks in a Board project!

It’s too bad you guys can’t get off the dime on this very very simple feature being requested (dynamic board/list view change) for two years now. Its literally the only thing keeping us from implementing Asana internally as well as recommending it to quite literally hundreds of our small business clients over the years. We’d even pay the highway robbery $10/user/mo for the dashboard/portfolio view replacement in order to keep our stack simple. Just don’t get you guys sometimes,

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Hi, I have one (sort-of) work around for this… There is one set of tasks that I track, which are grouped together via a project in Asana, that I want to view both in board view and list view. So, I started with the board view (where I usually work on things), and a created a duplicate project except named it “list” – one project is the board view, one project is the list view. Then, as I add a task in the board view one, I add the “List” view project to it, so the same task – only one task – shows up on both projects. Then I can toggle between the two projects and see a board version and a list version. And I have the same subheadings in the list version and I do the board version. It seems redundant, but for this one particular item that I process, I really want to see it in both views.

how to i change all tasks that are in a list format into board format ?

Hi @casey.woodley

As Marie mentioned above, you can convert a project from List to Board by following these steps. It sounds more complicated than it is.

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I’ve been such a fan of Asana for so long. This is really disappointing on many fronts. I’m looking at 86 comments from users going back to 2017. Meanwhile, when you look at the hot new competitors, airboard and smartsheet, they are built from the ground up to toggle to multiple views. Asana still has a better UI, but that isn’t as important to everyone as it is to me. I can’t imagine what other important features design is working on, but if this many loyal users are asking for this, there are exponentially more who are wanting it and not asking. I’ve been through so many SaaS project management software options. All of them really. Once you make a commitment to one, the last thing you want to do is change over to a new one and have to listen to everyone whine about having to change and get up to speed. However, this feature would appear to be important enough to cause people to switch to a platform that can handle it–and for you to lose market share on new customers coming in to the category. I have actually been talking to a client about doing an enterprise version of Asana to support a new business. This makes me think twice about that, sadly. But I’m pretty sure that no one in a decision making leadership position will get wind of this or the other comments, so I guess I’m really just talking to the admin and the other frustrated users.

FWIW while I understand it seems like it should be simple, it’s actually not at all simple behind the scenes. The issue (or at least one major issue that we know of) is that sections are implemented and stored completely differently in List and Board projects. Being able to make an Asana project switch between List and Board views requires that the Asana team re-architect List view sections so that they match Board view sections.

They are actively in the process of doing this as we speak - see:


So I think it’s safe to assume that it is really a top priority for them at this point, and hopefully after they get the “section discrepancy” ironed out, they can add List/Board view switching without too much of a delay. :crossed_fingers:t3:


I hope this feature will come soon!

I have another related issue but possibly separate issue. I have multiple board projects with similar “board headers” that represent different stages in the project management process. I’d like to be able to search for tasks under a certain board headers i.e. “pre-design” “design” “implementation” across different projects and sort by deadline so I can better review what I have going on in each stage of the project management pipeline.

Currently there’s no space in the “advanced search” function to search for these “board headers” across projects.

I could just add tags and then search by tags, but having to remember to add tags to every task leaves a lot of room for human error. I already add other tags and don’t want to have to remember one that I’d add to every task in my asana. The “board headers” already appears as a drop down next to the project name when I assign a task to a project, so I’d like to take advantage of this feature!

It’s coming, for sure!

One solution for this would be to use the If-Then Rules feature of Flowsana to automatically tag your tasks for you. You’d use a rule like this: “If a task is put into column ‘Pending Requests’, tag it with the ‘Pending Requests’ tag.”

Admittedly it would be a bit cumbersome to set up, as you’d need to build a rule for each column for each project. But you’d only have to do that once; and adding a rule is really simple and takes literally about 5 seconds. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about remembering to tag after that.

Phil, thanks for the idea! I’ll look into that.

Do you think if I created the rule in a project and then duplicated that project, would the rule transfer to the new project using Flowsana?

Alas no. I wish I could do that, but at present external integrations don’t get notified when a new project gets created in Asana, so I have no way of knowing that I need to duplicate the rules to a new project.

Thanks for the reply. I’m a coder going back 30 years. I understand it’s not trivial to execute. I was referring more to how straightforward the goal is here. I had assumed there was an underlying reason it wasn’t just a UI revamp otherwise it wouldn’t have been two years. What has been discouraging is the “we’re looking at it and not sure if it’s something we want to do” offial line until just very recently. Again - thanks for the update. I hope we see this soon.

We were hoping to switch from Smartsheet to Asana, but we have users that have become accustomed to view projects as lists and as a board. I wish you had this too.

Hi @Rob_Kennedy and thanks for reaching out! We’re currently working on implementing this feature; I’ll make sure to let you know on this thread when we do! Have a great Monday!


Yes, I would greatly appreciate this feature also! Please let us know when it is rolled out. You deliver a wonderful product.

Please do! We are all waiting to see this happen!

Thanks for following up after all the active discussions over the past two years. One question I saw the team asking a few times was why users would want this but didn’t see many responses. Hopefully this helps.

My team (15+ people) creates a new board for each sprint so that we have historical tracking (e.g. how many sprints has this task been on, have we ever deprioritized it and put it back on the backlog and then brought it back)… The board / kanban view is great for people to view their own workflow for each sprint or go through the current status for a few different people. When sitting together as a team and going through sprint recaps or planning, it helps to view it as a list grouped by person. This makes it easier to go around the room and get a high level overview of what everyone has been working on for the sprint. Both views are valid in different scenarios (individual work versus group discussions).

Looking forward to seeing this feature rolled out soon.

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Yes, when are they going to add this? :slight_smile:

Yes @Alex_Panagis, this is something our Team is currently working on!