Changing project from list view to board view



I’m not even asking for an in-project toggle. Is there a way to permanently transfer a project from list view to board view?

Otherwise, we’re going to need to actually delete the entire project and completely recreate it in board view?

(the workarounds are fine for organizations that can have multiple projects, but we can only have one)


Hi @Olivia_Fox_Cabane; yes you can convert a project from List to Board following these steps. Once you followed these steps, simply multi-select all tasks from this project and remove them from the List project, this way you will be left with all your initial tasks in a Board project!


It’s too bad you guys can’t get off the dime on this very very simple feature being requested (dynamic board/list view change) for two years now. Its literally the only thing keeping us from implementing Asana internally as well as recommending it to quite literally hundreds of our small business clients over the years. We’d even pay the highway robbery $10/user/mo for the dashboard/portfolio view replacement in order to keep our stack simple. Just don’t get you guys sometimes,


Hi, I have one (sort-of) work around for this… There is one set of tasks that I track, which are grouped together via a project in Asana, that I want to view both in board view and list view. So, I started with the board view (where I usually work on things), and a created a duplicate project except named it “list” – one project is the board view, one project is the list view. Then, as I add a task in the board view one, I add the “List” view project to it, so the same task – only one task – shows up on both projects. Then I can toggle between the two projects and see a board version and a list version. And I have the same subheadings in the list version and I do the board version. It seems redundant, but for this one particular item that I process, I really want to see it in both views.


how to i change all tasks that are in a list format into board format ?


Hi @casey.woodley

As Marie mentioned above, you can convert a project from List to Board by following these steps. It sounds more complicated than it is.