Changing dates in portfolio, changes dates to other projects

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Whenever I change the date on a project it also applies it to the project directly below it. This is quite a problem to me as these dates guide all my project deliveries. I apply a date and clear the start date, then click away for it finalise. This then applies to the project below it too. If i then go back in to the date section and “clear all” it also applies it to the project below.

Steps to reproduce:

Go into portfolio
Select a project date and clear start date
click away to apply
It will now be applied to the project selected and the one below it

Click date on project
Clear all
It will now have cleared both projects.

In portfolio change, click on date, set

Browser version:

Makes no difference, I’ve tried on the app and on firefox, both the same

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @John_Rietema, sorry to hear about this issue. Unfortunately, I can’t replicate this behavior on my end. I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team directly so they can check the project details and further investigate this for you.

To expedite the process, provide them with the steps you’ve mentioned in the post, screenshots of the portfolio, as well as the project ID’s.

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