Start dates on projects



Time for another API update, but just a small one this time: project start dates are now visible and editable in the API. It’s available under the new start_on field on projects, and follows the same rules for start dates on tasks. As a refresher:

  • When setting the start date, you must also set the due date.
  • When setting the start date, it must be strictly before the due date.
  • If setting only the due date, setting it to be earlier than the start date will clear the start date.
  • Start dates on projects are only available to premium Asana users.

You can now add a start date to projects
Kanban board + timeline

We need to have it in the filters!!!

Otherwise we have a field that cannot be used at all in the report.

For me this is critical to filter active tasks vs planned tasks


@Joe_Trollo, I see that the Project start data is also exposed in the UI as well, which is great. Any plans to do more with it with in Timelines?


@Tom_1234123124 Sorry, but we don’t currently have filters of any kind for fetching projects—only for fetching tasks. We’re aware of the need for additional filters when fetching tasks, and are addressing it independently of project start dates. Thank you for the feedback, though!

@Vince_Mustachio Also sorry here, but I don’t have any information about new product features.