You can now add a start date to projects

Introducing start dates for projects!

As some of you may have caught, our API Program Lead at Asana @Joe_Trollo casually posted a new update in our API & Developers channel that we’ve added Start dates on projects!

We’re excited to be able to share this news with you here too. :wink:

To explore this feature, go to the progress tab in any project & add a start date to your project. We’d love to learn more from you how you plan to use project start dates with you and your Team.

:point_down: Let us know in the comments below! :point_down:


Yes! :clap: Thanks, Michael. This is exactly what we were wishing for last year, when we started setting up dashboards and reports. Previously, we could only judge the beginning of a project by the date when the first task was completed. This didn’t really work for us, because we have a scoping/research period at the beginning of each project where we aren’t completing any milestones but it does count towards the project time. Now we’ll have a much more accurate way to measure exactly how long each product development took.

This is a major improvement for us. :smiley:


Would love if this was available for TASKS also! I usually work off of one project at a time but would like to note start dates for tasks that are in the future (in addition to due date). Thanks!

Hi @Bre

Start dates are now available for tasks but they’re a premium feature. They are incredibly useful, especially for using the timeline feature in projects. If you don’t already have a premium account, it might be worth considering.

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