Setting the Start_on parameter - semantic question

Hi, whilst creating our first API call, which creates tasks for us, we stumbled upon the fact that:

due_on or due_at must be present in the request when setting or unsetting the start_on parameter.

We wanted to know the reasoning behind a due date being required before a Start Date can be added. we receive bad requests if we send a start date without a due date.

I understand that Asana is a task management system and generally one wants to know when a task is due by, but from a logic point of view, we should be able to set a start date now, and decide on a due date later.

We are happy to play by the rules, but Why ?


Hey @Jonathan_Stern,

This is a great question. I wasn’t sure, so I did some poking around and heres what I learned.

There was a conscious decision to restrict it in the web app. It was a philosophical decision on how users should think about their work.

The API is suppose to mimic the functionality of our product. Therefore it needs to keep the same restriction.

I haven’t been able to find a more in-depth justification yet, and if I find one, I’ll post it here!

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Thanks @Ross_Grambo.
I suppose Consistency is key. You answered my question with

Which is the argument I used to defend Asana haha.