Projects endpoint: due_date deprecated, but needed for start_on?


Forgive me if a similar question has been asked, but I couldn’t find anything about it.

According to the docs for Projects, the variable due_date is deprecated in favour of due_on; however, if I want to include start_on, I receive the following error telling me that due_date is still required:

“response”: {
“statusCode”: 400,
“body”: {
“errors”: [
“error”: “project_start_date_requires_due_date”,
“message”: “You must provide a due date when changing the start date.”,
“user_message”: “You must provide a due date when changing the start date.”,
“help”: “For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors:
“expects”: {
“statusCode”: [
“message”: “Bad API request. Try checking your input properties.”

Currently, I am sending the API both due_date and due_on, but this will probably still break when due_date is finally removed.

Can anyone please possibly shed light on why this is happening? Thanks very much.

Looks like the text of the error message needs to be updated to say due_on not due_date, or at least perhaps clarified some.
(cc: @Joe_Trollo)

In any case, it will definitely work if you send start_on and due_on, I do that all the time. Try eliminating sending due_date; you might be confusing it by sending both due_date and due_on.

Ah, no, this appears to be a legitimate bug. We had two layers of checks for due_date but only updated one of them to support due_on. I’m working on a fix for this now and it should be out later this week.

Regarding the error message, the name of the error doesn’t necessarily match the name of the fields involved. The equivalent error name for task start dates is task_start_date_requires_due_date even though tasks always only had due_on. Notably, these error names say start_date in them instead of start_on too, and are a hybrid between human-readable names and fixed machine-matchable names.

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Ok great, thank you!

@Joe_Trollo Was this bug formally fixed and deployed?

@Josh_Saunders Yes, the fix was deployed about two weeks ago.