Query sections of a project, and include their start_on and due_on dates


I am developing a simple app for my team. Essentially, I am trying to return a JSON data object that lists all sections of a project, along with their start_on and due_on dates.

When I make this request: projects/123456789/tasks?opt_expand=start_on,due_on

I am able to see all tasks, not JUST the sections.

When I make this request: projects/123456789/sections?opt_fields=start_on,due_on

The start_on and due_on dates do not appear.

Is there a way to filter just sections when requesting tasks? Or is there a way to retrieve the start_on and due_on dates when retrieving sections?

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You may have found a bug in the new start date API. While this is being investigated, you can get the data you need by breaking up your requests.

I recommend first getting all of the sections ( GET /projects/<project-id>/sections) and then making requests for each individual section to get its start date (GET /tasks/<section-id>?opt_fields=start_on,due_on).

There is no way to filter to just get sections when requesting tasks. So you would have to get all tasks in a project (projects/<project-id>/tasks?opt_expand=start_on,due_on) and then filter for tasks that end in a colon on your side.

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I’m also facing the same issue, I cant query due date using GET /projects//sections.
By the method you suggested i might end-up making multiple API requests. Is there any other way to do this?

Hi @Jeff_Schneider
Thank you for your response. I’m using the below route and now i can query the due_date. it is weird but it works.

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