Backdating projects, tasks etc


Is it possible to create projects with a past date?
Same question about tasks and just about everything.

This would be crucial to migrate from other project management software.


Yes you can choose dates in the past. @Marie can you confirm this applies on every date field?

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OK, that was fast :smiley:
It says read-only.


The docs are correct here. While start and due dates can be set to any time, the creation time is fixed to be the time the object was created in Asana, and the completed time is fixed to be the last time the task was marked complete (it can be updated to the current time by un-completing and re-completing the task).


How can I migrate from other project management software then? It would be ideal to keep the history. The only way I see is create custom fields and use those instead of the built-in createdAt and completedAt, but anything new will use the built-in fields and not the old ones, so that will become confusing fast.


So sorry I did not realize this was an API question. Using fields seems like a good idea. Or just writing the info in the project description maybe?


Yes, those will work. Not the best but it will do.
Maybe we will have some kind of special API for these situations in the future. (wink wink)

Thank you!