Project end date selection from template bug

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: When selecting a project due date using the template, this is changed automatically by Asana. So after project is created the end date does not correspond to the one selected.

Steps to reproduce: Pressing use template button, inserting name and project due date, project is created in Asana, checking project edit details and end date is different from the one previously selected.

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This is not a bug. When you create a project from a template, and Asana asks you to choose a new start date or end date, those are not the project dates. They are either the new date of the furtherest task or the earliest task, and then the rest is shifted.

I know this is very confusing, and I believe they are working on improving this part soon.

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Ok but this is still confusing to me.
If I fill in only the project end date then will determine the latest task due date that was set in the template?

But also I don’t understand why I select an end date when creating the project and then when the project is created it has another date which was not the one I had selected before. This only happens for 2 templates I have, while the other two work fine the end date of the project I select is the one that appears after the project is created. Can someone help?

I am not saying this not confusing, it is, and it will be getting better!

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Hi @Altea_Serbini, thanks for reaching out and sorry for any confusion here! Let me try to give you some context on how this feature currently works.

When you schedule project dates via a template, your tasks will be scheduled according to the start or end date that you select when creating the template.

The date you select as the “End date” will be the date of the last task in your project. Your project start and end date will be also adjusted to match the time in your template. For example:

  • Template project start and due date → Dec 15th to Dec 21st
  • Last task in your template project has the due date: Dec 21st

If you select December 28th as the end date for your new project created from the template, the results will be the following:

  • Project start and due date → Dec 22nd to Dec 28th
  • Last task in your project will have the due date → Dec 28th

If you see different results between your project date range and your tasks due dates, it’s probably because the dates don’t match. I recommend you checking your Template project date range and make sure it has the same dates as the first task and last task due dates in your template, this will give you more accurate due dates when creating a project from the template.

I hope this helps to clarify!

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