cant view pdf file in tablet or mobile app

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Hi @Roy_Roth, welcome to the Community Forum and I am sorry for the trouble!

In order to investigate this further, could you please confirm if you are trying to open a PDF file attached to a task? If you could give us more information or share a screenshot of the issue it would be very helpful. Looking forward to your reply!

iOS or Android? The latest version?

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Hi @Roy_Roth, we haven’t heard from you in a few days. Let us know if you are still running into issues or if this has been fixed. Looking forward to your reply here!

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Android 8.1.0

Hi @Roy_Roth, thanks for confirming this information. Could you please also send us the details mentioned here:

Thank you!

I cant open in a task

Hi @Roy_Roth, thanks for sharing this screenshot! I have sent this report to our android team and I’ll get back to you once I have more information.

Thanks for your patience, let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Thank you

Hi @Roy_Roth, this issue should be solved in the last version of Asana for Android. Please ensure your app is updated.

Note that the pdf will be downloaded first, then opened automatically. You may need to wait for a second or two (depends on the size of the pdf and your internet connection) before the file is opened automatically.

If the issue persist, please let me know what version of the Asana app you are currently using and I’ll be happy to investigate this further.

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Thank you Emily
Will check the version

Hello Emily
Where do I check version?

You can check your Asana app version in your device Settings or in your Play Store app :slight_smile: Here you can see how to update your app in case you don’t have the last version.