Asana Android App opens PDFs strange.

We’ve been running into difficulties with PDF’s with our Installer team, who use exclusively the mobile app, or only grudgingly, the “desktop view” in Chrome.

I must say from the outset that from a Business perspective, the deficiencies of the Android App for Asana have us considering using competitor services, there’s a handful of things that are lacking from the App that are quite unintuitive and cause us issues.

This is one of them. I’m hoping someone here can maybe help me figure out if this might be a setting somewhere in the App that we can toggle to fix.

I’m posting two screenshots of a PDF that our installers NEED to be able to view. One is from the App, one is from the Chrome web browser set to “desktop view”. Please notice that the “desktop view” is the only view that shows the yellow dialogue boxes on the PDF. Take a wild guess at what the most important bit of information on those PDF’s are to our installers?

Now I finally understand why my installers have been complaining about not having sufficient information showing in Asana. An Installer (regardless of what trade you’re in) is not likely to be the most technologically savvy user out there, they are master crafters who work with their hands. They are really putting a good foot forward to adapt to our new technology, but Asana has so many things lacking from the mobile app that it really causes these sorts of users to struggle way more than they should have to.

These are the same PDF by the way, from the same task. The App is utterly lacking the dialogue boxes.

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