Can't remove team member


Hello, I tried to add a team member to Asana and misspelled their email address. I have added the right email but now there’s two email address that look similar. I’m unable to remove the incorrect one because the email does not show up as a team member in the member’s section. You can see in the photo that the sidebar shows 6 team members but in the member settings box, there’s only 5. How can I remove this email? I don’t want someone to accidentally assign a task to the wrong email.



Did you try to remove this person from the team settings, instead of the workspace settings?


Unfortunately I cannot access team settings. I looked up how to and I know I’m supposed to hover over the team name and the three dots are supposed to pop up but I only have the “+” option. Is there another way for me to access the team settings?


@Edda @Cathya is that a bug she can’t see the dots?


HI @Rika_Lively and apologies for the delay in responding to you!

This issue usually happens when you remove a user from your Workspace before they got to accept your invite. Unfortunately, this is not something you can fix on your end, but no worries our support team will fix it for you :slight_smile: You can reach out to them following these steps (make sure to indicate which is the wrong email address :wink: )

Hope this helps!


Thank you!