Can't hit "Return" to create new task when cursor is at new column

Hoping I didn’t miss something obvious. I created a task, hit Tab-M to assign to myself, then picked a due date (on the keyboard) - hitting return on closing the calendar returns my unseen cursor to the calendar box, i.e., the calendar is in a blue outlined box. (Calendar is the third and final column in my view). From here, I want to hit a keyboard shortcut to create a new task, but hitting return just sends me back into the calendar. How do I do that? If I hit tab again, it sends the blue-box cursor into the title of the next section.

Hi @Kevin689,

This is an expected behaviour - in order to create a new task using keyboard shortcuts at this stage, you need to use the left arrow to navigate back from the due date field to the assignee and then to the task title. From there you can hit return and to create a new task!

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow-up questions!