Can't comment on tasks from Android app with a physical keyboard



I’m having problems commenting on tasks from the android app. I think this started a few months ago after an update - it was fine before that. There is no button for ‘send,’ ‘OK’, etc. The only button is to add other people to the task… I can’t believe I’m so stupid as to not be able to see it, or that the UX is so bad that it’s hidden away somewhere… so here I am.
BTW I should add that you can comment directly from the in-line notifications in the Android notification bar - but when you click and view the task itself, you can write as much as you want but cannot send it.


Thanks for reaching out @Jack_Harris! Mind sharing a screenshot of what you see when typing your comment? Do you have a little “paper plane” next to your comment box?

Looking forward to your reply!


See above


Thanks for the screenshot @Jack_Harris! I’ve just escalated this issue to our Mobile Team and will keep you posted as soon as I have an update. One last thing, can you confirm what version of Android + Asana app you’re using?


Hi @Jack_Harris! Our Mobile Team just came back to me and confirmed that this is an expected behaviour; you will only be able to send a comment when they tap on the field and the keyboard is up. Can you verify that this works on your end?

Note that our Team is currently working in improving this behaviour; I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

Many thanks!


here you can see the cursor is open… I am in the field. I think I may know what the problem is though - I’m using a blackberry KEYone with a physical keyboard. This is a new bug because it was OK a few months ago, and honestly this is the first time I’ve experienced it - all other apps treat the physical keyboard the same as a virtual one. I have to pull up the virtual keyboard from settings if I want to actually send the comment… not great


Thanks for the additional information @Jack_Harris! You’re right, your issue is actually different and directly linked to your physical keyboard. This is something our team is aware of and actively working on. Sit tight, a fix should be out very soon!


Hi @Jack_Harris; our Team recently pushed a fix for this issue so I’m marking this thread resolved for now. Feel free to reach out if you’re still running into trouble!