Replying to Comments from Mobile Device

When I reply to a comment on a task from my cell (rather than my email from my computer) it doesn’t go into the Asana chain. This has happened to me and another teammate.

Hey @Wesley_Gross1,

do you mean it does not show up at all?

If so please double check that you are connected to the internet and also check if you have the latest Asana app version.

Sometimes whatever you do in the app does not sync directly. When in the app it usually shows in the form of a bar on the bottom whether any changes are yet to be synced. If so then place dour finger on top of your display and move it down to refresh it.

Thanks, it isn’t from the app, it is an email in our inbox with a task comment. When replying from chrome on our my computers the comment appears in the task, but when replying from the mail app on our iPhones it doesn’t appear. I have the most current version of Asana on my phone, though it isn’t an issue when using the app, just replying via email to comments from our phones.

I’m having the same issue. I get an email with the reply but the reply doesn’t show up in the task comments. I’m using the mobile app on iPhone and desktop app on a MacBook Pro. Thanks.

And when replying to the comments you respond from the email registered in Asana correct?


I see

I have checked a bit and found this thread which seems to be related, have a look

Thanks! I am not sure what to do with this info, but our issue is not with task creation, it is with responses to comments within a task (when responding via email from our iPhones).

Hi @Wesley_Gross1 and @Cecil_Killingsworth, sorry to hear about this trouble. Just to clarify, this only happens when you reply from your email app on your iPhone, is that correct? Can you confirm if you are using the Asana Add-on?

Yep, just the regular mail app that comes with iPhone (happening to me and a colleague, haven’t checked with others). No Asana add-on - don’t even think you can have an add-on to an app?

Hi @Wesley_Gross1, thanks for the additional information. We’ve tried to replicate this issue step-by-step, but it seems to be working fine on our end. Can you reach out to our Support team with some additional information, please? They will have the necessary tools to further investigate this for you:

  • The email app that you are using (Gmail, Outlook, etc…)
  • Screenshot of the email notification received (that you wish to reply to)
  • Screenshot of the email reply you’ve sent from your email app to Asana

@Cecil_Killingsworth, would you be able to do the same, please?

I’m moving this thread to the #bugs:closed since Support will be taking this over, but if you need anything else, let me know!

Thanks! Just sent.

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