Can't change notifications email - Already verified it, but it' not showing anywhere.

When I go to profile settings > notifications, in the “preferred email” dropdown box, only ONE email is showing, even though I have added another email multiple times.

I added the email, I clicked the verification code that asana sent me, but when I go back to profile settings > notifications the new email is nowhere to be found. So I tried resending the verification code multiple times and clicking it multiple times. No dice.

I want my asana notifications to go to my new email, not my old email. After I verify the new email address, how do I get the notifications to go to it, when it does not appear in the “preferred email” drop down box?

Can anybody help? Thanks!

Welcome @Hannah9! Did you try logging in with your new email?

Hi @Hannah9, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Adding to what @TrevorWiser mentioned, can you also confirm if you have a Workspace or a Organization? Please note that if you have an Organization, the new email address needs to be associated with the Organization’s domain. If the email address is associated with a different domain, it won’t appear as an option to receive email notifications for updates in your Organization.

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