Email notification suddendly stopped working for my account

I am using Asana since 2 years and never had any sort of problem.

All of a sudden I just stopped receiving email notification for ANYTHING (mentions, replies, new tasks and such). This is so huge that in fact is stopping me to correctly use the product (missing deadlines and chat with colleagues).

OBVIOUSLY I did the whole common-sense routine:

  • spam folder
  • right email
  • notification settings

Please note that I did not change anything from the past, so no change in settings = no change in behaviour is expected.

I ALREADY READ all the threads and previous bugs and I feel that my email address has been wrongly blacklisted by asana but I am not able to get an answer from them (I saw this is not common but neither rare as today)

Please help me solve without providing useless answers such as “check if email notifications are on”

Steps to reproduce:

open a new task, interact with it, wait for email confirmation

Browser version:
Chrome Versione 103.0.5060.134 (Build ufficiale) (a 64 bit)

Upload screenshots below:

Hello @carlo_occhiena, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

that is very strange indeed.

Did any other team member with the same domain in your organization face the same problem? Or this just happens to your email?

Have you tried adding another email and switch the email notifications to this to see if the same happens?

Asana Support will definitely best in assisting you there.

@Forum-team will you be able to assist with this case please.


It’s happening only to me, since I am the only one that used my personal email.
however this works flawlessy since years and I am not willing to change my email (and the routine i build around that).
however I am trying to add another mail address just for test’s sake.
Thanks for being on my side very much appreciated.

May I also point out to this thread? I fear being in the same situation

Hm yeah valid point this could also be a possible cause. However as forum leader we do not have direct insight into accounts, the support team is definitely best equipped to dig into this in detail and they should definitely be able in getting this sorted for you.
Just try to provide them as much info as possible such as things you tested or are testing now so they can troubleshoot this.

I am wondering also whether sending an email to an Asana project works? Or when you submit info via an Asana form (created in one of your projects)?

Once a team member had a similar problem with a sender. Basically the inbox of the team member was full (or at least the server caused such msg) which made an email bounce and then they had to update something on the sender side as well to fix.

p.s. when getting back to Asana support keep in mind that if you send more follow up messages that will push your request to the end of the queue again.

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I tested with another email.
Everything worked perfectly.
So the issue stay focused on my actual email (that I used with asana since 2 years)
I never used email outbound or forms, i just used email as a notification method.
no other team members have any kind of issue anyway.

thank you!

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Ah perfect thanks for testing that. Good to know. Definitely update Asana support and tell them this so they can specifically investigate on why just one email address seems to be somehow blocked in some form.

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Dear All

issue been solved by Asana support team with a quickfix

I am so happy, thanks everybody for the support!


(Asana Support)

Aug 4, 2022, 11:08 AM PDT


Good news! This was a faster fix than I expected. We’ve ran some updates on our back end to correct this, so should not run into this issue any more. And yes, to confirm it was an email account suppression issue on our internal systems side. Incredibly sorry about that! Let me know if you continue running into issues or have more questions.



Great to hear!

How was this problem solved?

Hello @null4 welcome to the Asana community forum :wave:

If you tried all the troubleshooting steps and nothing helps please reach out to Asana support. They will be able to assist. :slight_smile:

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