Cannot add another email address for notifications

In my account i was able to add another email for notification. This means that i registered the account with one email but wanted all notifications to be received at another email address. On
the Notifications tab , i added one more email address and then in the drop down list of the “Preferred Email” i chose the email i prefer to receive emails and it then works. But funnily when two of my colleagues did that , then the new email does not appear in the Preferred email drop down list.

What could we have done wrong ?

Hi @Darshan_Mehta, welcome to the forum!

If you and your colleagues are currently part of an Organization, please ensure they are adding email addresses connected to a domain associated with your Organization. For example, if I have the domain in a Organization, I can add my email address to receive notifications. It’s not possible to add emails that are not associated with your Organization to receive notifications.

I hope this helps!

Thanx for the clarification - I wonder if this is a feature that can be requested for consideration by ASANA ?