Cannot add 2nd email address, first verification email links doesn't work, no further verification emails received


I’m trying to add a 2nd email address to my Asana account, I went into ‘My Profile Settings’ and in the ‘to email’ section added the new email address and my asana password.

I waited but no email verification email came to the new email address, so I tried a few other times to add the email address again til eventually the verification email came. However upon click the link in the email, I get a ‘We couldn’t verify your email’ warning in Asana. I have tried copy and pasting the link rather than clicking it from the email as suggested, but still the same message.

I’ve tried adding the email address multiple times since, but I haven’t received any further emails with a link to verify the email address.

Any help appreciated.


Hi @Max5! No worries at all, our support team can help you with that. Here is how you can reach out to them:

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

Thank you Marie

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