Can subtask due dates be triggered by the previous subtask?



Hi everyone! I am wondering if there is a way that when I check off a subtask, that the due date for the next subtaks can be automatically triggered… is this possible?!

Thank you!


When you say “automatically triggered” do you want it to create a new due date for the next subtask? It sounds like a dependency…are you on the paid version or free?


Yes, dependency is exactly what I mean… or be able to set up a workflow automatically where maybe it is like this:

-I check off a task that requires me to send an email, so checking off that task automatically sets a due date for the next email to be sent three days later. Does that make sense?

I want to be able to set up an entire list of subtasks that have due dates such as “due three days after previous task is completed.”

I am currently on the free version.


@Kevyn_Cress. Unfortunately that is currently not possible in Asana. There are no automatic type triggers that update due dates.

The Dependency feature who’s is only available in the premium version. Sends a notification to own of the Dependant Take when the preceding task is completed. But the owner of the Dependant task would still need to set the due date. The other thing to note is that if you are the owner of both the preceding and dependant task you won’t get the notification.