Dependent subtask due dates trigger by completion date of blocking task

Hi! Hoping for some help here - I’m wondering if there is a way to assign dependent subtask due dates based on the blocking subtask’s completion date (vs. due date) AND not have the parent task due date affect anything.

Example below:

Parent Task - Irrelevant due date (set by requestor, not necessarily a timeline we adhere to) - pulls in subtasks from a Flowsana template

Subtask #1 - Due date = 3 days from task creation date
Subtask #2 - Blocked by subtask #1, Due date set to 10 business days from #1 Completion Date
Subtask #3 - Blocked by #2, Due date set to 5 biz days from #2 completion date

So far Asana’s dependencies seem to only be based off of due dates. Also looked into Flowsanas dynamic duration but also seems to be reliant on parent task start/due date (@Phil_Seeman)

Would appreciate any help here!

Hello @Laura_Screnci ,

Asana’s Business tier allows custom rules, which could accommodate most of your need — an Asana rule in a specific project could be made that triggers when a subtask becomes “unblocked”, and it’s due date could be adjusted to X calendar days into the future.

If your account is at least on Asana Premium, I can think of a solution that leverages Zapier (third-party automation) that could also work, and it would properly adjust dates via “business” days. Is this something you could try to set up if you had more details? Let me know.

–Paul Harren