Setting Dependent Task Dates Based x Days From Completed Task

It would be brilliant to be able to set a task or subtask due date based off of another task being completed.

When setting the Due Date for a task that is a dependent of another, we can set the due date x days from the completed task.


There is a way to do this by integrating an additional software to connect with Asana.

Are you referring to Flowsana?

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Not sure if she was referring to it or not, but Flowsana does provide this capability using the Lag Time feature of its Dynamic Dependency workflow type.


Not at all interested in 3rd party add-ons, but for Asana to add it and support it. But thanks.


Yes sir! Have you tried it?

I did, I don’t have a use case for it anymore, but Flowsana from @Phil_Seeman is a big reference in the Asana ecosystem.

I completely agree with you.
Shouldn’t be a big deal for the developers to program this feature.

If they did everything that was simple, the app would be a Christmas tree of buttons and fields :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:

Please add in this feature! Pretty crucial to scaling timelines & processes.

Love this idea - not sure if this is the same idea or a different topic altogether, but would also be great to add this relative timing into project templates.

This feature gets my vote as well. I think it is good to expand the great capability of templates to set up dependencies based on dates.
Considering I use a lot of use of asana for marketing campaigns, I am surprised that this feature is not voted in a lot more.

Like appreciations? :roll_eyes:

You aimed for the heart :heart: :sweat_smile: can we vote for a feature to disappear and be replaced by another? :grimacing:

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I am sort of astonished that this is not an option.

I thought the use of rules and the ‘Task is no longer Blocked’ trigger would do the trick, as I could then set a due date in the Rule. However, I now see that the rule triggers every time ‘any’ task is no longer blocked, which makes it useless when we are trying to be granular to the task level.

Hopefully, I’m missing something :roll_eyes:

Rules are currently all about about “any” task matching the criteria. You can’t have rules targeting a specific task. Zapier & co, with their filters for example, will be able to help.

I completed agree that this small feature can save 1000’s of hours globally.