Can not open Powerpoint directly when in webapp

When i try to open a powerpoint appendix which is added to a task I get the following error tab, see screenshot. I just click on the appendix directly.

I have had this problem since the beginning and gotten used to the workaround to download the appendix always and open it this way. But I heard a college didn’t have this problem, we suspect it’s because he is using the desktop version of Asana. Can you fix this? I use microsoft edge browser.

Hi @Britt_van_Bergen welcome to the forum, have you tried a different browser?

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We are having the same issue, but this spreads along all Microsoft office applications. Not just PowerPoint. This occurs in edge and is impacting our entire organization.

It appears that the connector that allows the normal “click to open attachment” used to prompt the file download. It no longer does this, and you now need to click the arrow to the right of the file and manually select download attachment.