Asana Portfolio/Project hyperlinks not working from PowerPoint

Does anyone know of a workaround to the problem of Asana hyperlinks not being able to open from PowerPoint? I receive this error message, “Cannot download the information you requested”, when I or others try to open the hyperlinks. The portfolio and project are open to the entire organization for viewing as it’s template.

From my research on MS forums its due to the website being encrypted (secure) https:// webpage and their solution was to go under setting and turn this function off. Problem is I need this to work for more than just me, but multiple people within my organization and having everyone turn this off doesn’t seem like the best option.

Any ideas or ways others have worked around this?

Hi @TheLizWay - I just now tested and it seems to work just fine. The link took my right to my project.

Could you try doing a screen recording using loom or to show us the exact steps and results?


See above images for trying to open a link to Asana. Are you using O365 desktop or browser? I’m using desktop and wonder if that might have something to do with it.

@TheLizWay - My test was from PPT desktop version as well. What is the exact URL you pasted in your PPT? Or rather, does it start with https? and what does it end with? Is it a file extension like .pdf, .xls, .ppt, or something? If you’d like a free 15-min help session, click on my profile picture to book a time.

The PowerPoint ending is “pptx” and the link is using The PowerPoint ending is “pptx” and the link is using Log in - Asana numbers*

The link works if I copy it and paste it into the browser.

Thanks for your help!

Link above as was not showing in reply

@TheLizWay - I really want to help you, but I just don’t know how to diagnose it clearly without seeing the full process. Could you do a screen recording or jump on a call for 5 mins? I’ll message you. If you want to do a quick call, just reply and I’ll provide a link.