Can I set a rule for completed tasks to show up in a single section rather than on the entire project?

In my org, we have a calendar that houses tasks for our entire team, not just a single group. Each internal team has their own section with many tasks, but there are certain sections that it would be helpful to be able to see the completed tasks, as well as the incomplete tasks. Is there a way to set up a rule for this, where a single section still shows it’s completed tasks?

Welcome, @Taylor_Hines,

The Incomplete tasks filter applies to the project as a whole, so I’m afraid it can’t be set by section.

You could attempt a workaround if you have Asana Business or Enterprise . . .

If you didn’t set that filter, then your section would show both, as desired. To stop showing the completed task for the other teams’ sections, you’d make a second “[TeamName] Completed” section for each team and write a rule for each team with a pair of triggers: In [TeamName] section and Completed, and an action to move to that team’s Completed section.

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I’m going to try this out! Thanks, Larry!

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I meant to add, but you probably already realize, that you could keep all those “[TeamName] Completed” sections collapsed by default.

Good luck!


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