can asana send a email based on a option chosen in a field

Hi we want to create a workflow for clients. When they come to us they have two basic options.

send in a support ticket
send in configuration request.

We want asana in the form if they choose support ticket then a different department get’s cc’d and their requests gets routed with the form information.

on the second option for configuration requests those form responses would come to a different email.

is this possible and if so how would we do that?


Hello @Brad_Finkeldei welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

I mean if you have a single or multi-select field set up in the form then you can work with rules that trigger depending on the field entry.

As action you can then move the task to another project, reassign the task, post a comment, add collaborators, etc
More in the link shared above.

Now to trigger sending emails you‘d have to use an integration such as Zapier for example.

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thank you for that. It looks like I’d have to use Zapier for this particular instance.

appreciate the help.

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You might want to also check out our Flowsana integration; it can send a fully customized email in response to a form submission, and also has a “Send an email notification” rule action which can send a fully customized email to recipient(s) defined in a number of ways, including an email address in a custom field.

I em sending emails from Asana thanks to Zapier, works fine :slight_smile:

Thank you @Bastien_Siebman and @Phil_Seeman

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