(BUG) Removing from project not working?

Does anybody else have a problem with not being able to remove a task from a project suddenly? This has happened for our organization several times in the past few months. We usually go to the task, click on the little pen symbol then click the “x”, effectively removing it from the task without deleting it. At various times, select people in the office aren’t able to do this. It changes on who can and can’t and the amount of time this issue lasts varies also. Is this happening for others? We use Chrome for Asana and make sure we always have the latest versions of Chrome available.


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Same issue here. Works on iOS, so using that as a workaround for now

Hey did you try to use the Tab+P keyboard shortcut?

I had not. However, I did try this morning and it appears that still won’t let me remove it from all the projects. If a task is in two projects, it let’s me remove it from one project but whichever project I remove it from last, it won’t let me even using the shortcut.

I suggest to contact Support following these steps: https://forum.asana.com/t/how-do-i-contact-support/19057/7?u=marie

Hm, this seems weird to me - I personally can’t reproduce this issue. I agree with @Diakoptis that emailing support seems like your best option.

I have sent a message to support, hopefully they can help. Thanks!

Hey @Kelli_F, @Amin_Lakhani & @Diakoptis

Thanks for writing in about this; apologies in advance for any trouble this has caused.

Looks like the ability to remove a Task from the last Project you added the Task to is a minor bug that our Team has been working on fixing and sorting out.

At the moment the workaround is:

  • If you click (:pencil2:) then (x) → doesn’t work
  • If you first click on the (+), then the (:pencil2:), then (x) → it works

That said, this does look like the fix should be applied in the next day or so, so hang tight! Thank you all again for surfacing this information here & in your tickets submitted to Asana Support - Help Center • Asana. It’s helped our Team find a workaround & roll out a quick fix!

Let me know if I can help with anything else on this point!


How can I be notified of changes to this bug (the solution is obnoxious – I’ve accidentally added a significant number of sub-items to a project and need to undo that action)

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Hey @Ben_West, @Kelli_F, @Diakoptis & @Amin_Lakhani,

Could you check if you’re still running into this error for me? I believe our engineers have processed a fix that should be live by now.

Thank you all for your patience with us on this

It does appear to be fixed now, thank you very much!


Kelli Foster

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I was able to do this yesterday. Actually, the overall UI is a decent improvement vs prior. thanks.

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Hi again!

That’s great to hear @Ben_West; happy to pass this feedback on to our Team., & thank you for confirming that as well for us @Kelli_F.

Happy to close out this thread with a successful/happy outcome!

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