BUG: mails received in one language while all the configuration is in another

If first start the project in one language and switched to another one.
But mails sent to members of the project are in that first language and not in the new one, even if they were added after the language change.

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Normally the notifications and the language within Asana desktop and other versions such as mobile should always be in the language of the user (from their phone for example).
See an explanation here for example: How to change the language in app - #9 by Marie

In case that does not help I recommend reaching out to support as I am sure they‘ll be able in having this resolved.

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My phone is in spanish
My computer, which is the tool i used to connect to the app the first time and create my project is in french.
I changed the language of the project to English

I invited my colleague who is using a phone in english
he received notifications mails in french…

so i guess that i am not in the case you described…

Hm that is strange indeed. Normally if everything is set to English for her she should also be receiving the notifications in English.

Best to really reach out to support so they can look into this further.

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