Incorrect gender and pronouns in email notifications (Russian)


How can I change gender in Asana? Letters with my participation use feminine pronouns. I can change pronouns, but I can’t change “she/her” in the texts of emails/notifications.

Hi @Вильсур_Гарифов , welcome to the forum :smiley:
If you go to your My Settings > Profile you should be able to set this under the Pronouns text box.
Not sure what you mean by where this appears in your emails/notifications. Can you upload a screenshot, whilst hiding any personal information?

There are female pronouns here. Even if you fill it out, I am referred to in the email as a woman. She deleted, she commented on something.

This is simply an example. Since you did try to fill out your pronouns but still no fix then it is logical that there is no link between the pronouns in ‘My Settings’ and the pronouns you refer to in your emails.

Assuming the emails you are referring to are the email notifications you receive from Asana (which you can turn off from the ‘Notifications’ tab in your screenshot, under ‘Send me email notifications for:’) then perhaps there is something wrong with the Russian (?) translation :thinking:

I would assume it would have to be gender neutral, otherwise how else would Asana know what pronouns to apply. Perhaps in that case Asana could extract this data from the My Settings pronouns but what happens if a user leaves their pronouns blank? My understanding is that certain languages do indeed require a pronoun before the name in order to read correctly - however I have seen workarounds for such languages, like “The user [asana profile name] commented on…” which is a way to avoid the use of pronouns.

Could you upload a screenshot of an email that you mentioned? Perhaps it is a bug that the Asana team can look into correcting the translation.

Yes, sure.

Incorrect pronoun in the subject of the email.

Thanks, I’ve moved this to the bug section so that it can get reviewed by the Asana team.

(@Marie , fyi)

Thanks for the report @Вильсур_Гарифов and for your help @Richard_Sather!

I filed a bug for our team to investigate. I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I have an update.


Hello.) Is there an update?

Hi @Вильсур_Гарифов, sorry for the delay. This request is still with our Developers and they don’t have any updates yet. As soon as I hear anything back I’ll let you know

Hello folks,

Just to let you know this should be resolved. The fix will be live in the next couple of days!

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Good afternoon.

Is there an update?

@Marie @Vanessa_N

Hi @Вильсур_Гарифов, thanks for tagging me. This fix has already been deployed. Can you confirm if the issue continues even after refreshing your Asana?

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