Bots for process optimization and onboarding

Hey everyone,

I lead a student organisation at a university. Students typically spend about a year with the organisation, so on-boarding is quite important for us for efficiency reasons. There is also a lot of learning on the job happening so there is often an imbalance of competences. To combat this, I had an idea.

We have many different general categories of recurring tasks. For marketing this could be creating content for example and the tasks would start with “Write …”, or for sales “Email…” or for Project Management “Research…” For purposes of overcoming the challenges outlined above, would there be a way for a bot to help out when it detects trigger words? This is how that could look like.

New Task > Write Facebook status about upcoming project XYZ.
Bot could either automatically populate the description or insert a comment. This text would be customised by us.
[Organisation name] Bot: Hey there [name]. Here is what to watch out for when creating a Facebook status: 1) keep our voice in mind 2) use graphics that have the appropriate license 3) make sure the visuals are brand aligned with our organisation (here is a link to our brand guidelines) If you need any help [team member] is here to help you.

Having a reaction this way when detected by a trigger word could have serious effects on efficiency and for on-boarding new members. There could be an option for the person to turn these off, or for the organisation to keep them there for the first month for e.g.

I don’t know how many resources this takes in the back end of things, but I feel that this would be a very useful and differentiating feature.

Inviting the community to build on this idea,


This is exactly the kind of idea @Paul_Mayer had, didn’t you Paul? Maybe you can discuss it and join the incubator with it!

As @Bastien_Siebman mentionned, this is what I had in mind when posting about the efficiency gain that would come from an AI bot.

@Okan apart from the features you have described in your original post, what other feature would you be happy to see the bot covering for you ?