Billing information and responsible billing party information incorrect; unable to remove my own credit card from account / No way to access support

When I first got on with asana I was using just a free account until getting with my current organization. In the beginning, solo, I had built a lot of our workflows in asana so that when the time came for us to merge the accounts and make my boss the responsible billing party as we entered into the world of using paid accounts.
However, when changing my boss to being the party responsible for the account, evidently, the account carried over my credit card information and I do not have the authority to remove my card info from the account. I am out nearly $1k I desperately need refunded and cannot get ahold of an actual person to talk to me to rectify anything, they say that they can only talk to my boss and not me. I have submitted several tickets on the matter and am extraordinarily frustrated. There needs to be a live team of people accessible on the phone in order to rectify urgent matters such as this. My employer is not around often, travels, and we have very little communication touch points and getting him to resolve an issue like this in a timely matter is not likely to happen either, and while I don’t believe that is anyone else’s issue, I also don’t believe it makes any sense as to why the only person who can access my billing information is my employer and not myself. I have also been informed that a refund will not be considered because my employer authorized the charges using my credit card.

@lpb @Marie can you help Lacey with her urgent issue affecting her personal finances please?

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I can’t help (I don’t work at Asana), but pinging @Forum-team in case anyone there can help.



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Thank you Stephanie. So far the only response I have received is that when changing over the responsible billing party, evidently, only the name of the party changes but the credit card information for the initial party stays intact unless the new responsible billing party goes in and manually enters their card information to take over the billing. Personally I don’t think this makes any sense at all - if I wanted to keep paying for the account, I wouldn’t have initiated the transfer at all; basically now, the billing can only be altered by my employer and I have no control over whether or not my card is charged and I am not permitted to remove it. Asana says they have been sending out invoices (not to me, of course) and that is what covers them from having to issue any kind of refund. They refuse to remove my card from the account and refuse to stop charging which is now, over $300 a month, so I now have no other choice then to dispute the charges with my bank as well as shut my bank account down and start my finances over with a new account, which we all love to have to do in our free time. Incredibly disappointed and will likely separate from this job if they don’t choose to migrate to a better project management software.

Hi @Lacey_Drake, I’m really sorry to hear that you are running into issues with charges to your card. To share some context, subscriptions in Asana are tied to the organization/workspace rather than individual members. The billing owner is the user who controls the subscription, but is not necessarily the card holder. It’s common for companies to use a corporate card instead of a personal card, so when the billing owner role is transferred to another user, the billing details are not automatically updated. This change needs to be explicitly made by the billing owner.

Unfortunately, here in the Forum, we don’t have access to accounts and billing details. The Support team is the best point of contact to assist you further with this issue. I see that the last reply in the thread was from the Support team. I’d recommend following up with them in the same thread, explaining the situation regarding your billing owner not being available at the moment, and asking if they can offer alternative solutions.

I’m really sorry that we cannot help with billing matters here in the Forum. I hope this gets sorted out soon!

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