Need to contact support and no options coming up on website - email, phone, HELP!

I need an updated copy of our invoice that will be billed this month our billing invoice history only shows a past year pro rated invoice.

I keep getting caught in a loop on the support page. No chat pops up on help page. The support@asana.come email says it no longer works. I can’t find a trouble ticket to submit a request for help. No phone number.

This is insane. I’ve wasted 20 minutes this morning trying to connect with a live person to pay. HELP!

Hi @Jolie_Crowder1 - I agree… the new support process is a bit confusing.

Here’s what you need to do (FYI: I don’t work for Asana. – just replying so I can help you)
To create a support ticket

  1. go to (make sure you are logged in to Asana):
  2. click the chat icon at the bottom right
  3. type “speak to an agent”
  4. click “Yes”
  5. click “Something Else”
  6. click “Create a support ticket.”

the chat icon doesn’t show up on the bottom right. It may be that is because I’m in a fed workspace and have a lot of locked down browser settings. Searching past forum messages it’s not the norm but I’m not the only one. There really needs to be a way to do that without going through the chat feature - it’s a barrier to service.

In the meantime I’ve scoured and finally found some other direct emails that got a response. TBH it shouldn’t be this hard though.

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