Best Methodology for Reporting Tasks Without Projects?

I am trying to set up a standardized reporting method for our C-suite, but between dashboards, portfolio’s, and the admin console, I am not sure what to use and what not to.

Currently, we have a portfolio per team and then a master portfolio that the CEO has access to that includes all the other portfolios. Each portfolio includes a team “owner”, who is in charge of checking the portfolio every so often to make sure it is up to date, and then our CEO and Operations head who are responsible for reporting to the board. This allows our executive team and the board to see the entire companies list of active projects and the workload associated with them.

This has worked ok, but the issue of work getting “lost” for reporting purposes is becoming more of an issue as of late. The biggest problem we are dealing with, is coworkers not including tasks in projects. We have lots of individuals that have a lot on their plate that is not necessarily related to any one project.

I have seen the suggestion of having all users create a separate private project within their respective team, multi-home their My Tasks into this and then share it with their respective “boss”, so it will fall into that teams respective portfolio. I am not a huge fan of this method, but it may be the only way to achieve what I am looking for.
We do utilize mandatory “Best Practices” across the company for workflows that we want standardized (ex. the portfolio per team including all of the teams projects is one of them), so if mandating that every task must be in a project is the solution that may work, but I am not sure the best way to go about doing this.

I am sure there are much better ways of accomplishing an effective reporting method without compromising simplistic workflows, so hopefully someone here has some suggestions for me!


Did you know you can find such tasks with an Advanced Search:

I’d recommend exploring that for the key offenders and trying to identify and improve those behaviors, then monitoring over time by saving an appropriate advanced search report like this and checking it periodcially.

I’m also not a fan of everyone creating their own Project, though as a last resort it may help here.

I regularly help clients to set up effective reporting to executives and Boards, but more suggestions would require some discovery (via an engagement) not to lead you astray. But I hope the above provides a start.


Much appreciated, thank you.

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