Reporting at the Team-level

Wanna make the argument for team level reporting.

We currently have Project and Portfolio reporting. Both great by the way… love them.

But I have the need to report at the task level across a group of projects. I can group those projects in a Portfolio, but lose the ability to include tasks completed, milestones coming up…

On the other side, at the project level reporting, am limited to only the activity within that project.

Is there any way to report at the task/milestone level across a group of projects?

Many thanks to anyone who can show me the way!

(post-posting idea: I guess if we could just have access to the task/milestone widgets within portfolios, that would solve this)

:pray: :weary: Help a brother out :weary::pray:


With any paid plan, you can use Advanced Search (and saved/favorited search reports) to report at the team level or across a set of projects you specify. For team, just that parameter at the bottom of the search dialog: + Add filter.

With Universal Reporting, you can also report across teams or a set of projects; click any bar/segment of the resulting chart to be dropped into the search results that comprise that segment; the details you’re looking for.

With Portfolios, use the Progress type header dropdown to switch from Tasks to Milestones to see the Milestones that comprise each project and whether they’re completed, upcoming, or overdue.

Hope that helps,


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