Autotask creation from a task template?

Hi There,

I am using Unito (integration tool) to link Smartsheet to Asana, and auto trigger task creation in Asana when certain criteria are met in Smartsheet.

Is there a way to make the tasks that are created reference a task template I have made? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get Asana to create the tasks from the template.

Thank you!

Hey @Emily_Taylor,

That‘s not possible directly.
However you can work with rules to automatically create tasks and subtasks. For the rule trigger you can even create trigger combinations. So for example all tasks added to section B with the custom field selection ABC will trigger subtasks 1-4 to be created and assigned.
You can even assign due dates, etc

I recommend trying that out.

Also here is feedback request thread that might be interesting.

I hope that helps.