Automation for Project Oversight

I want to help a Project Manager have oversight on all ongoing tasks across projects.
For example, Task 1 is assigned to John, and Jane is the project manager responsible for oversight and support. But Jane has between 10-50 tasks he is helping manage at any given time, and that’s a of Teams / Projects / Tasks to follow.

What’s the best way to ensure Jane has oversight over all tasks at a quick glance?
Can tags be used to auto-populate tasks to a project that only Jane has access to in order to have an overview of all tasks in one place?

To be clear - these tasks are assigned to John and other team members, but Jane needs to oversee them all. So the tasks show up in “My Tasks” of other team members. Inbox is a chronological order of activity, but not really a good snapshot at all task items.

I hope this makes sense? I’m looking for an easy way to help Project Mangers get oversight.

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Hi @Hannah_Surabhi, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! In this case you can create a master project and multi-home all tasks Jane needs to have more visibility on. You can also create a tag and add it to all tasks and when Jane clicks on the tag, they will be able to see all tasks associated with the tag!

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any other questions!

Can she use the advanced search with whatever criteria she needs, like a list of projects, assignees and dates? Then she can save the result as a report and use it every day.

Multi-homing is a ton of work :confused:

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