Automatically push back dependent task dates



I just got my team signed up with Asana Premium. My biggest interest was the Dependencies and Timeline features.

I assumed that when I set a task’s due date and establish dependent tasks, if I moved the first task in a chain that all subsequent tasks’ dates would move as well. I was very disappointed to see that dependent dates don’t automatically update.

It seems like a huge missed opportunity to not do what Instagantt has done for a while.

Is there any plan to add this feature to Timeline or Dependencies?


@Alexis shared an awesome trick for this recently (more of a workaround), maybe she can explain it again here or merge the threads? :thinking:


I’m guessing @Bastien_Siebman is referring to this post.


This is not really satisfactory having just upgraded my entire org to premium for this exact capability - For me it is only subtasks that need to be dependant on other tasks.
Under a parent task people have different actions which are all dependent on each other, and so this is where the key is.
Are we likely to see this come in any time?
A work around i have found is using instagant, but it requires a sync function and accept changes for it to update.


Can you tell me how you are accomplishing it in Instagantt? I too am trying to make subtasks due dates dependent upon a master due date on a task.


In addition to Instagantt as a solution for auto-adjusting, you might also be interested in a new solution I’ve developed; you can see more at this forum thread: New workflow automation solution is available.

It handles both scenarios: the one where you’re using Asana’s dependent-task feature and you want dependent tasks’ dates auto-adjusted, and the scenario where you’re using subtasks to indicate dependencies and you want the subtasks’ dates automatically adjusted when their parent task’s dates change.


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