Auto-Shifting Dependent Tasks in Set Increments

I have read [Guide on AutoShifting Dependent Tasks] (Creating task dependencies | Product guide • Asana) and still am stumped!

A Marketing Team wishes to auto-shift dependent tasks due dates incrementally and automatically by 1 week without having to manually update the due dates. I even tried creating a workaround by adding a Single Select Custom Field: Push Out: Yes; No, and if Yes, Add due date by 7 days, but it will only add 7 days from the date that the rule is triggered, NOT the due date that the task is assigned.

If you do shift out the task by one week manually on the Timeline, the next dependent task / milestone (in this case Milestone B) gets pushed out by 1 or 2 days, not the 1 week.

Am I missing something here? I’ve referred to all the guideline articles including this one as well: Guide on Timeline

No one has figured out a solution / work-around just yet. I was hoping rules would save the day, but no luck.

Would appreciate anyone’s help, thank you!!!

Sanaz E.

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Calling on @Phil_Seeman to see if this is possible with Flowsana! (He’s the creator)

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Hi @Sanaz_Ebriani,

Yes, Flowsana’s Auto-Adjust workflow will do what you’re asking for!


@Rebecca_McGrath & @Phil_Seeman

Is that the same thing as Workflow Builder that was just announced today 2/15/22 (see links):

Level up cross-team collaboration: Say hello to Asana Flow

Or is that an independently developed feature developed by Asana developers?
Or did your two worlds collide and integrate?

Thank you both so much for providing a workable solution.

Actually it’s neither! :slight_smile: Flowsana is an integration I created as a third-party developer - it’s a separate (paid) service that integrates with Asana.


Is there a roadmap where Asana will build this functionality in natively?

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Yes, I’m hoping the same! I don’t know if the newly launched Workflow Builder is the answer - it seems not otherwise @Rebecca_McGrath would have mentioned.

It’s hard to get third party APIs passed through security.

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I agree - We can not use Flowsana due to company policy. Is there a workaround?

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I was hoping this forum post would generate some Asana-based workaround answers, and so far – none. I have yet to try workflow builder - but again, I doubt it would be a solution – have yet to explore.

Workflow Builder is at its core about moving a task through the sections of a project (i.e. through a workflow) in a defined, structured, documented way. As you suspect, it doesn’t have anything to do with auto-shifting dependent tasks.

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