Automatically hide/move Completed Projects within Portfolio

As there is no option to filter in a project, is there a way to implement an autohide of completed projects within a portfolio view? I currently have ~50 team projects within a portfolio that we have to give an update on once a week. There is no way to exclude On Hold or Complete statuses from the view and it’s getting very messy. Why don’t complete projects go elsewhere? The only option at the moment is to remove them from the Portfolio completely.

Because some users actually want to keep them around.

At the moment, when our clients have this need, we setup a custom automation to remove completed/archived projects from portfolios. Let me know if you want the same automation ( or DM).

@Amy_Cookson, Have you already ruled out the workaround of sorting the portfolio by Status and collapsing the On Hold and Complete groupings?


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Yeah, sadly when we do the updates, it’s like a round table, so each owner delivers their updates in line. For now, I’ve gone with a workaround of having a “live” and a “closed” portfolio, and I move them out manually.
It’s also crazy that you can’t collapse the Owner grouping in the same way as Status!

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