Automatic assignee to subtasks (and tasks) - how to turn off?


My and my team are using Asana from a few days.
We base on adding tasks and subtasks to our team by our project manager.
In every time when our PM create task and subtasks - Asana automatic assignee our PM to this tasks and subtasks. So he has to switch assigned person every time.

How we can turn off automatic assignee task’s (ans subtask) creator to task or subtask?

Hi @Pawel_Kozakowski, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Just to confirm, when the your PM creates a new task/subtask, are they duplicating a task that already has them as assignee?

If this is not the case I believe this is part of an A/B test our team is running that automatically assign tasks to task’s creators.

Looking forward to your reply!

thank you for response.

Our PM creates new task/subtask. You can see how it works on this videos

and second case

any tips?

Hi @Pawel_Kozakowski, thanks for getting back to me and sharing the video!

I investigated this further and I confirm it’s part of an A/B Test that automatically assigns tasks to the task creator. As it stands, it’s currently not possible to disable this test but you can assign the tasks to your team members that need to be in responsable for each task.

I’ll make sure to share your feedback with our product team so it can be considered when analysing the results of the test.