Subtask auto assign bug.

I have a subtasks that keeps getting assigned to every task and every project. It’s only assigned for two projects, and it’s set up as a subtask based on a submitted form. But when other forms are being submitted this subtasks is being generated and it’s not set up a rule anywhere. Why is this happening and how do I stop it?


The causes of automatically-added subtasks could be:

  • rule running natively in Asana
  • task template creating tasks
  • third-party automation running (like Zapier)

I can’t think of any other causes, so I’d check there.

Perhaps email if you can’t locate the issue since they have access and may be able to help you uncover something.



Thanks for the reply. I don’t have any templates, so I know it’s not that one. How do I check to see if it’s running natively?

Every task and subtask has an audit trail (“stories”) in fine print intermingled with comments. That may provide clues as to changes to the task/subtask and who did them (manual or auto).

In the Customize panel > Rules you can check if any are defined in a project for which the task is a member.

Thank you. I had done that, I didn’t know that’s what you were referring to. The task is set to automatically be assigned but only from one form and only if a certain selection is chosen in the form, however, it’s assigning the task no matter what is selected in the form. I email Asana support, hopefully they can provide some helpful insight.

Thanks again!

Since you have rules present, I would guess that your triggers are the culprit, somehow.

Also…If the task is multi-homed (in more than one project) don’t forget to check any rules present in all projects; they can combine to result in behavior you weren’t expecting.


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