Auto Assign Subtasks to myself so they show under recently assigned?

Hello - I am new to Asana and have done searches on here and forums about making it so subtasks automatically assign to myself and appear under “recently Assigned”. I am using Asana for personal use and have no team and would hope it would just do it since there is no one else.

thank you!

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Brian_Keith!

Any task assigned to you in any project automatically shows up under my tasks.
Unassigned tasks won’t unless you assign them or if they are created directly under “My tasks”.

You can set up rules in other projects that all tasks created are automatically assigned to you.
The trigger could be all tasks added to a project are automatically assigned to you.
To ensure this applies for subtasks as well change the rule settings at the top right

Now for tasks to show up under the recently assigned, when a task is first assigned to you, it will appear under the Recently assigned section in your My Tasks automatically, for more info see here.

For more info on rules see: Using Rules in Asana • Asana Product Guide

I hope that helps

Hi Brian,

It depends on what Asana plan you are on. The Personal free plan is very limited and unfortunately, you would not be able to automatically assign Subtasks to you. You will need the Premier or Business (however I’m not entirely sure the Premier plan will allow you to create custom rules as it has limited Rule options as well. If you have either the paid plans, you can create a Custom Rule within the Project board.

Rule trigger = + To this project
Rule Action = Assignee

Hope this helps!