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Hello does anyone know how to created automated subtasks? We have standard task to generate a new ad campaign request. However, there are three or four substasks associated with the larger task. Is it possible to generate these subtask as soon as the intial task is created. For example:

New Project Task = New Paid Media Request
Subtask = Upload Final Approved Ad Copy
Subtask = Build Ad Campaign
Subtask = Launch New Ads


You have to create “template” task with all subtasks and then use …/Copy Task… feature. See Copying tasks section of article below:

Thanks, but I don’t think that will work. I’m using a Zap to push the tasks into the project, but the zap does not allow subtasks.

Then you’ll need more complex solution, the “template cloning” is still probably best thing to do, but instead of doing it manually via Asana UI and utilize functionality that Asana provides, you’d need something smarter, for instance script in

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did you find your answer yet? I’m exactly looking for the same solution.


check this out:

Maybe that would be a solution.


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Hi @Chris_Coxen & @roy_hoogland

While a integration would definitely help you automate your process, I may be able to automate this process using our API as well!

For in-depth discussions regarding how best to leverage our API to accomplish your goals and to do so among a community of developers with the skill-set to make your automation possible, I highly encourage you to post and read relevant threads in the Developers & API category. They’d love to speak with you about the needs of your Organization.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

I am trying to create a new automation from a subtask. If I mark a subtask as complete, I want Asana to create a task in other section of the board.

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