We’re using Asana to mange a series of Projects, 90 worksites in Miami Beach. The program is expected to go into 2026. We’re using “Nested Portfolios” to keep everything organized into 5 Phases. With the sheer number of sites, we needed to create a way to track the inevitable issues that will arise. I created a project that I titled “Known Issues - Miami Beach”. I’ve added a column in the Task list of each site titled “Known Issues”. Using RULES, if a Project Manager changes the status of a task from “No Known Issue” to “Known Issue - Please Review”, the task is multi-homed in the “Known Issues” project. It captures the name of the site, the task with the issue, and a status is applied (Known Issue or Resolved). The issue can be assigned appropriately and a deadline can be provided. Even once the issue is resolved, we leave it in the Issue Tracking Log for historical purposes. This solution was praised at my company, so I figured that I’d share it here. I hope that it helps someone.

Thank you for your consideration,
Chris Ayers


This is so helpful Chris! I’m currently managing a tech migration and we were just talking about how to structure tracking across so many Asana projects. Couldn’t have been better timing!


Thanks for posting this, @Christopher_Ayers.

If you want, I could move this to Tips and Tricks because the current Ambassador Forum is private to Ambassadors only, so not accessible to the other 300k folks!


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Thanks Larry! I appreciate that. :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing @Christopher_Ayers , great use case!

One question regarding this:

Do you mean the tasks are multihomed? i.e. added to another project, rather than creating a copy, right?

Yes, Multi-homed!

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