Auto updating project timings when one due date is adjusted

Once a project is live and all my tasks in my project have a due date, I want to be able to change a date and have the rest follow suite. I know how to auto fill a project prior to it commencing, but I want to be able to just change a date so when that has happened the rest of the due dates are pushed back automatically as there has been a delay in the project.
Is this something doable? Is there a zap or something similar that might help in this?

Flowsana from @Phil_Seeman has something similar for tasks, maybe it could apply to projects. Rules allow you to trigger when a due date changes, you could use that to trigger Zapier and change the project dates maybe…

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Hi @Tori_Jaffer,

What you’re describing is the exact functioning of Flowsana’s Auto-Adjust Workflow type. (There’s also a Dynamic Duration Workflow type which is more sophisticated and involves defining durations for each task, but the Auto-Adjust Workflow does just what you’re asking for.)