Auto generate a task to keep project alive

It’s seems that there is always someone on the team who accidentally closes a task and doesn’t set a due date for the next task. We work off a template that works really well for us when used correctly. The problem we have is that I find myself babysitting asana endlessly to make sure every time a task is complete, a new task was also set. If not, the project dissapears from anyone’s task list or calendar view. Is there a way to have a task that gets auto assigned to me after a set amount of time of a task being marked complete without a new task being assigned? A simple “set task” being assigned to me after 5 minutes of a project having no scheduled task would be incredibly helpful. I may not be describing the situation right, but i have to think others have this issue too.

Hi @Lou_Buono_Jr,

You might find Rules helpful in this case!

You can create a Rule for this project using the trigger “Task marked complete” and action “Add a comment” to remind you to create the new task automatically without having to manually check the project for completed tasks! :slight_smile:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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