Auto-forward emails not delivering to Asana



I have set up a rule in my Outlook 2010 inbox to auto-forward all emails sent To or CC me to

The messages appear to be sending successfully from my side as they’re appearing in my sent items, and the forwarding address is correct, but nothing is getting to ‘My Tasks’. Have tried with individual project addresses too, but same result.

Strangely, manually forwarding each message works with no problem, the issue is only affecting auto-forwards…so I feel frustratingly close to the desired result!

Does anybody know what might be causing this? I’ve checked email settings are correct so emails will go to the correct organisation.



This is weird. When I started reading I thought it must be that the emails are going to the wrong organisation, but the fact that manually sending seems to work is interesting.

I’m sorry, I have no idea why the auto-sending doesn’t work.

Even though they’re being sent, maybe Asana isn’t “receiving” them for some reason (similar to how some mail clients will reject email if it looks like spam). Have you contacted Asana support?

Maybe try sending them to a test email to check they’re definitely sending…


Thanks for posting! If you are having trouble auto-forwarding emails to Asana using Outlook, here are some things you can check to make sure everything is working correctly.

  1. Make sure the email address you are forwarding from is associated with an Asana account, and that the account is a Member of the right project. You can read more about how this works here in our Asana Guide -

  2. Make sure your Outlook rule is set to forward emails, not redirect them. You can read more about the difference between these here on Microsoft’s support site -

  3. Check your email server settings to see if auto-forwarded emails can be sent to external addresses. You may need to speak to your IT department about this - some companies have a policy that prohibits emails being automatically forwarded to external email addresses. If this is the case, your emails won’t reach Asana.

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still having trouble, please let us know and we can investigate further!


Thanks both for the suggestions…I suspect it has something to do with our auto-forwarding to external addresses limitations as I’ve ticked the other boxes. I’ll follow up with our IT team.