Auto-assign team members to a project made from a template

When creating a new project from a template, is there any way to auto-assign tasks to team members? We have a field for “team responsible,” e.g., “paralegal,” and I would like a way to auto-assign all tasks labeled “paralegal” to the actual paralegal on the case.

Hi @User-RS-NSB,

If these assignees are always the same, you could them assignees to your template’s task, this way all project you create from this template will automatically have the same assignee set.

@Phil_Seeman, I don’t believe Rules can help here, but what about Flowsana?

Hi @User-RS-NSB,

How would this be determined? I.e. say you have 5 people on your paralegal team and a given task in the template has “Team Responsible” set to “Paralegal”. When you make a project from that template, how would it be determined which of those 5 paralegals should be assigned to that task?